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Don’t cry for me, America

April 27, 2010

Found this PowerPoint presentation courtesy of KOA’s Mike Rosen.  I’ve converted it to video to make it web-friendly.

Are we following in Argentina’s footsteps?


The coming collapse

April 3, 2010

Check out this column.  When Moody’s announces that the US is approaching the point of losing its AAA bond rating, you would think the implications of this would be headline news.  The government is facing the prospect of paying much higher interest rates to refinance the current debt and borrow even more.  Of course, there is always the option of selling the debt to the Fed and stoking the fires of hyperinflation.  It’s going to be a fun ride!

We’re in the very best of hands

April 1, 2010

Oh my.  Do we really want to let guys like this run our lives?